My Girlfriend & I have a joint current account for convienience as we have a house and children together, She applied to First direct for a personal loan, while she was on the phone to them i was requested by the first direct employee to come to the phpne and all my personal financial details interogated, i told her i wasnt appling for a loan my girlfriend was, she said because of our joint account my information was included in the application, My girlfriend bought a new car on finance last year with Barclays, they didnt ask about me or my finances. The problem is several years ago my credit card companies, MBNA Barclays and halifaxicon sent my card fees through the roof and i fought and secured 0% rates as long as i returned the cards, all was well, however Halifax decided to destroy my credit rating for the privilage.

My Girlfriend has no store cards, credit cards and has a salary of over 35,000 PA and has never been refused credit before, however now she has, and been told not to apply again for 12 months and this will have a negative impact on her credit rating.

I will be writting to the Bank to lodge a formal complaint and then its on to the FSA.