hi all, firstly id just like to say that im by no means a novice when it comes to the area of improving credit history as ive been working tirelessly over the past 2 years to improve my credit rating, i was very bad at handling finances before and have a bad credit score which reflects that.

i know all the usual stuff, pay bills on time etc, but the part that im not too sure about is when it says in full?? now ive read alot of people say this and i just wanty clarity on the area if anyone can?? the credit i have is 4 credit cards, all smallish balances of around 500 ish on each, min payment on each is around 15 per month but i usually pay maybe 60-100 on each per month, but then if i need to use them again then i will. my question is, by doing this every month until i can afford to clear them, will this improve my credit rating because im paying well above min payment on time every month?? people always say pay on time in full every month, is the second part of that purely because its cheaper?? my point been it does not in my opinion seem to matter if i dont clear full balance every month because as far as credit reference agencies are concerned each month its a nice shiny tick right??

many thanks in advance