I just wanted to follow up from my previous thread about being found not guilty for gross misconduct.

I was sent a letter saying they would take no further action with regards to the alleged Gross misconduct. I was told that the the client I work work wishes for me to be removed from the department, even before I had even given my evidence?

My employee then returned to the client asking for my reinstatement, but the client chose to stand by their decision.The have told me they have to respect their clients wishes and if no agreement can be made for other work then termination is the likely hood.

I know the outcome will be termination of my contract. I put forward my defense about the client harassing me with threating phones calls to my dad but I have had no response from my employee about this.

Would I have a good case if I took this to an ET? I feel the only reason they want me removed is not because of an alleged broken calculator but because I put a grievance in against the clients manager a year ago.

It feels like it's their excuse for payback!