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    Default British Gas Dispute


    Could someone please give me some advise on how to resolve a Dispute I have with British Gas and it Debt Collect agencies.

    About 2 Years ago I switched energy suppliers, moving from British Gas. Soon After they sent me my finalized Bill, I notcied that the meter reading on this Bill was above the amount showing on my meter. I therefore contacted British Gas and explanined this to them, they say that they would amend this. Soon after this I started to recieve letters from Moorcroft Debt people demanding the money. Everytime I recieved a letter I phoned them giving them the same story, explaning that I do not owe them any money because of the above reasons. A few months ago when I phoned them yet again they agreed to contact British Gas. About a Week Letter I recieved a letter saying that my account has now been closed.

    I thought this matter was closed until today when I did a online credit check on myself. It showed that I infect had two default Notices on my Credit Record by British Gas one for 24.32 and one for 21.22. I contacted British Gas and spoke to 6 differant people and departments One person said that I did have to unpaid accounts one for electric and one for Gas, I told him about the differant meter readings and he check it and said that the Gas one had been written off.

    Please could someone tell me anyway I could resolve this and any right I might have. I have complied a letter see below that I am think of sending to them, could someone check this and give me any sugggestion or amendments that could be made to it.

    I am writing this email to complain. This complaint is because today I have searched my credit report through Experian and have noticed that you have made two default notices on my account.

    When I received my final bill from yourselves, I noticed that my final meter reading recorded was greater than it actual was. I contacted British Gas and they confirmed that my final meter readings were indeed inaccurate and my final bill was over calculated.

    Some time after this I started receiving letters from a debt recovery agency (Morecroft) demanding payment for an outstanding debt. Upon receipt of each letter I contacted the agency involved and explained to them that I do not owe British Gas any money, explaining why. Finally they sent me a letter explaining they have contacted British Gas and have since closed my account.

    Today I have spoke to a number of people at British Gas regarding this matter. One Person I spoke with agreed with me that my account has indeed been canceled. I was then passed on to Central Recovery (Minder) so they could remove the default notice from the credit reference agencies computer. They explained to me that they have no records of any correspondence or that the debt has been cleared from my account. I was told by them to again phone debt recovery at British Gas to get conformation.

    I am applauded that a company like you, who prides themselves in the media for their customer service can conduct themselves in this manner.

    Can I also point out that some months ago a sales representative from British Gas Called to my house to ask for me to come back to British Gas and that he actual said that I have been a good customer to British Gas.

    What I require from you.
    • Conformation of any outstanding balances and the reasons why.
    • The Default notice to be removed from my account.
    • An apology for the way a have been treated in this manner.
    Yours sincerely

    Thanks inadvanced for any help

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    Do you record your calls?
    You'll regret it if you don't.
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    Default Re: British Gas Dispute

    Sorry about the bad spelling and grammer

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