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    Default DVLA : My Driving License has expired!

    Hi, just looking for some advice.

    My general understanding is that the new photocard driving license is valid for 10years, upon which you have to renew it by sending 20 or something like that, aswell as updated photo of yourself. Ok, bit of a rip of you have to pay but I understand the need to update the card.

    However, my card expired in November (dont worry I havent been driving any vehicle so not driving without a valid license, and im not named on any insurance policy either) after just 7years... I havent renewed it yet, because I have sent a letter to advise the dvla i think there is a mistake because everything I read says 10years, and am waiting for them to get back in touch with me.

    Just looking for some advice on whether I am correct and it is 10years, or is there particular circumstances where it would be less than the 10years. Ive had the license since i was 20.

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    Default Re: DVLA : My Driving License has expired!

    It's the photo that needs renewing every 10 years, the licence doesn't expire, this may help:

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    Default Re: DVLA : My Driving License has expired!

    Your photo licence shows a "valid from" and a "valid to" date as points 4a and 4b. Are these not 10 years apart? There are some possiblilies to result in a shorter period, for example, is this your full driving licence and if so, did you perhaps have your provisional for 3 years? This would mean that although your licence was converted to "full" for free, the expiry date of the photo wouldn't be extended, thereby resulting in you needing to update the photo 10 years from when you first submitted it.

    as RayKay points out, your licence hasn't expired but you do need to obtain a new photo licence (which will also get you a new counterpart because the issue numbers must match) as soon as possible.

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    Default Re: DVLA : My Driving License has expired!

    Same has happened to me and I've only just realised it. The date at 4b (expiry date) is 20-10-10 and the issue date was 09-10-03 when I renewed it for change of address. I'm 95% sure that the photo was also renewed at that time. Glad to say that my appearance has hardly changed since the one on it, unless I grow a beard !

    I've received no reminder pack / forms from the DVLA.
    Mistake ? Incompetence ?

    I have not driven for several years but I am forced to use it as ID. Without it I would be forced to renew my passport at an even higher cost.

    There was a lot of hoo-ha about the cost of a national ID card but what about the cost to the consumer of all the other renewals one is forced to make instead ?
    Those costs seem to have increased over the years by many times the rate of general inflation.

    Isn't this photo renewal all a bit pointless in this age of facial recognition software ?
    A persons superficial appearance can alter dramatically within months while many look essentially the same after 20 years.

    Rant over. Thanks for any and all responses.

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