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    Default Parking Fine - In Disabled Bay Badge Expired


    I got a parking ticketicon in a council run car park where you have to pay to park even when displaying disabled badges.

    I bought a parking ticket and displayed it next to my disabled badges.

    When I returned 30 minutes later there was a ticket on the car, I thought this must be a mistake as I could see both the ticket and badge quite clearly through the screen.

    When I checked the "Excess Charge Notice" it said that the car was parked in a space for disabled without displaying a valid blue badge.

    I checked the blue badge and it had in fact expired on the 31st May this year. Apparently they don't send out reminders when they are due.

    I have brain damage and really bad memory so clearly forgot to renew the badge. I've since renewed it this week.

    I sent a nicely worded appeal via email to the council who rejected it. I've sent another one with the new badge on so they know I'm genuinely allowed one.

    Where we previously lived the local council got to know me quite well as I forgot to display my badge quite frequently. They where always understanding and rescinded the tickets.

    This local council however are one of the few in the country who actually charge disabled people to park. They are well know for being difficult.

    Since I actually paid for the parking but used a Disabled bay with my unknowingly expired badge where do I stand legally. Is there anything else I can do to get them to reconsider.

    Will they take me to court or is there an independent appeals process before that, would I stand any chance in court or at appeal?

    Many thanks for any help/advice.

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    Default Re: Parking Fine - In Disabled Bay Badge Expired

    If its an excess charge rather than a penalty charge you have had your opportunity to appeal. If you don't pay you will get taken to Magistrates court for non payment and you can argue your case there.

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