At the begining of 2009 I had got an overdraft with RBSicon on my basic cardcash account as I have gone overdrawn with charges so in order to reduce this they allowed me to take the overdraft in order i cleared it every month but every month the overdraft was extended this happened on several months due to non payment and then to a point where they blocked my accounts anyway they eventually offered me a loan in the sum of 2700 to clear the overdraft which i accepted to my shock was approved. So this was cleared and payments to loan commenced on December 2009 thing is this month Ive missed the payment and my key joint account is sitting overdrawn by 165.55 due to them paying a direct debiticon (funds werent in account but DDicon still got paid, strange) anyway so my worry is will they block my accounts till they receive a payment from me as im now in a shortfall of 305.00???

I will most probably be able to clear this by next wednesday, whats the best thing to do???? As my tax credits go in every tuesday I want to make sure they wont block accounts by next week and i dont receive my benefits???

I am in scotland

Thanks for advice