After a recent benefits check, I was advised I should be able to get a substantial weekly payment of pension credit because I had not achieved any self employment for over 18 months. I went on to several Govt web sites which confirmed same, suggesting figures from 22 to 85 pounds per week. My wife works I'm 61 and we get I believe the maximum Family and working tax credit. Spoke to an advisor on Thursday who after several questions confirmed I was eligible for around 36 pounds per week although it would take 12 weeks to do all the required Building society checks etc but then we were cut off. I redialled and another guy went through a similar procedure, but asked far more questions advising me I was able to get 63 pounds, and he would transfer me to someone to complete the application. They rang back this afternoon when a lady suggested that as my wife worked and received around 700 per month plus the tax credits we were not eligible. Talk about confused.
Thought on it and rang again, to be put through to an advisor who says that as I'm self employed they can't take the application over the phone, I have to be visited to be assessed, but she thought I stood a very good chance of receiving over 50 pounds per week back dated for 3 months.

I can easily prove my lack of funds from our bank accounts, etc so have no fears, but why the visit and why the variance in amounts suggested.