Marc Gander - The Consumer Survival Handbook

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Patricia Pearl - Small Claims Procedure - A Practical Guide

An excellent guide for the layperson in how to use the County Court - a must if you are intending to start a claim.

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    Default JSA - Backdated

    I recently received my confirmation for JSA and my request for it to be backdated has been declined, as I didn't show good reason. I've written to them to take a look at this and would like to know if I'm likely to receive the money? It's approximately 100.

    I was made redundanticon on 31st December, I tried to fill in the claim formicon online but couldn't because I required two numbers off my P45. I received my P45 in the post on 11th and filled in the claim form online on the same day. Surely this is a valid reason to not have claimed from the day I was made redundant, it wasn't actually possible for me to claim for JSA because it wouldn't let me claim without these two numbers from my P45!

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    Default Re: JSA - Backdated

    It does sound a good reason as the info was required at the time of claim and it was beyond your capacity to provide the required info any time before. You can try appealing but IS or JSA backdating request mainly requires one of the following reason:

    1. you were given wrong/incomplete info or advice by DWP officer.
    2. You were given wrong/incomplete info or advice by Welfare Rights/CAB/solicitor/professional advisor
    3. You were given written info by your employer (or previous employer) about your income or by you bank about your saving and capital which made you think your claim wont be accepted.
    4. Due to bad weather
    5. Due to sickness or disability
    6. learning diffculty or language problem
    7. you were caring for disabled
    8. domestic emergency which has affected you.

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    Default Re: JSA - Backdated

    It is likely that they would turn this down, not only because it does not come under any of the valid reasons above, but also because it would have been possible for you to contact the DWP by phone to make a new claim on that day if you were unable to progress a new claim online.

    Good reason (or good cause) would question why you did not contact the DWP by phone so if you were able to provide a valid reason as part of your response (which looks like a reconsideration rather than an appeal from what you have said) then that could be looked at.

    Backdating is very difficult to actually get allowed. For instance 1) above may be a perfectly valid reason but actually proving it is much more difficult.

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