To cut a long story short. I am over my arranged overdraft with halifaxicon by 682.44

I was waiting on a claim for my bank charges to come through (being sorted by Alison & Reilly Solicitors) but now that the courts have favored the banks it seems that Halifax will no longer wait on my claim and are demanding 682.44 off me before the 26th December.

I have breached contract and they want me to pay up.

Obviously I don't want to ring the Retail Bank Collections as they are a bunch of turds and never listen and always make agreements that I have not agreed too.

What are my options here? Ive heard from Alison & Reilly that the maximum time it will take for my claim to go through and find out if I can get anything will be 3 months... is there anyway of putting Halifax off until the claim has been settled?

Is it worth going to the citizen advice bureau?