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    Exclamation Wage Slip Entitlement

    Hi guys,

    My Dad has just phoned to ask me whether theres a legal requirement to provide the staff with wage slips?

    It turns out that the owners of the company change their name and set up new every 2 years in order to gain some kind of tax relief?? anyways whenever this happens no employees recieve a wage slip for about 5 months. The explaination my Dad recieved from the owner of company is that 'they were getting round to it'.

    I found a site Payslip Basics

    and was wondering if anyone knew the part of Employment Rights Ast that this refers to and who he should field his complaint to?

    Thanks Lumi

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    Default Re: Wage Slip Entitlement

    yes, it is a legal requireent that all employees be given a wage slip when they are paid.

    said wage slip should contain your gross pay and net pay, details of any deductions or additions, hourly rates (if applicable), pay period, payment method and tax code.

    his employer stating that they are "getting round to it" is no excuse for committing an unlawful action, as you require a payslip not only for tax purposes and personal records, but you will also need it in case there is any problem with pay.

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    Default Re: Wage Slip Entitlement

    Yes, totally true, godpikachu,
    Should you be given a payslip?

    By law, your employer must give you a written 'pay statement' - usually called a 'payslip' - when or before you are paid your wages. It must include your gross pay, take-home pay and any deductions.
    Deductions that change (for example, Income Tax payments) must be individually listed each time. Fixed deductions (for example, trade union subscriptions) can be shown as one combined total provided you have been given an annual statement showing how that total breaks down. The annual statement must set out the amount of each fixed deduction and the intervals at which the amount is paid.
    Additional information might be included on your pay slip, including your National Insurance Number, tax codes and hourly rate. Also, payments like overtime, tips, bonuses etc might be shown separately. However, none of this information is required to be on your payslip.
    If you haven't received a payslip, please read below for ways you can sort the problem out. If that doesn't help then you can apply to an Employment Tribunal.

    Try to sort it out informally

    Acas helpline

    08457 47 47 47

    Open Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 6.00 pmIf you decide there is a real problem, talk it through first with your line manager, personnel department, colleagues or trade union to see if it can be sorted out informally. It's a good idea to keep notes, in case you need to establish what was discussed later on.
    You can also speak to a lawyer, but bear in mind that they generally cost money, and it may not be necessary at this early stage.

    Making a formal grievanceicon complaint

    If the informal approach with your employer does not work, the next step will probably be to make a formal complaint under the grievance procedure (unless, for example, you have been dismissed). At present you should follow certain statutory minimum steps, along with any others your employer might have set out in their own grievance procedure. If you haven't got a copy of your employer's procedure, ask for one.
    From 6 April 2009, these statutory steps will be repealed and Acas will produce guidance on what your employer and you should do. A revised statutory Acas Code of Practice will set out the principles of what an employer and employee should do to achieve a reasonable standard of behaviour.

    Hope this helps a little.


    Please note that although my advice is offered, you should consult your legal representative before taking ANY action.

    have a nice day !!

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    Default Re: Wage Slip Entitlement

    Raise a grievanceicon and make it clear you will follow through with an ET if the situation is not resolved within 28 days.

    It worked for me. Although all the information contained in the documents eventually provided was completely wrong and my former employers now have to deal directly with the revenue people to sort it out.

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    Default Re: Wage Slip Entitlement

    Thanks all, i'll advise him of what youve said and see what he thinks.

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