Hi all, I was told to come and post on this board by a friend who said that some of you may be able to give me some advice with regards to non payment of Non Domestic rates and Council Tax

1st off I know that this is completely my fault, but I have let lots of things get on top of me and after a bit of a rollercoaster year I am now in big trouble

Please take into consideration that back in December 2005 I was involved in a bad RTA. After 16weeks of being out of work I lost my mobile valeting business.

Anyway since my accident I never had a proper full time job, I managed to get a part time office job.

Then in June last year I got the opportunity to rent a small unit for a small fee of 150 per month. I decided to try and set up my own joinery firm.
I sold my van and bought some machinery for the workshop. I begun getting the workshop set up ready for trading. This took a few months as the unit was a mess and I was still working part time.
However in August I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress syndrome & depression. I was prescribed anti depressants and sleeping tablets.
By September, I had split up with my long term girlfriend (6years), lost my house as I couldnt afford to stay there on my own so the ex bought me out and I lost my part time job.
When I met my ex, I moved away from where I grew up and had no real friends or family.
So when I moved out, I moved back to the area where I grew up into a private rented house with a friend and got myself a full time bar managers job.

To cut to the chase, I have not paid any business rates since I took possesion of the unit, and more embarrassingly I have not made any council tax payment on my current rented property either

The business rates side of things is the messiest so at the time of writing. I will give you the time line:


11th November 2008 - Summons for Non-Payment of Non-Domestic Rates - Schedule 457.85 - Date to appear in court 10th December 2008 (Please bare in mind that I had already vacated my residence with my ex on Sept 12th 2008 and didnt not receive this summons until Jan 7th when the ex came to visit me with a hand delievered letter from Rundle & Co Ltd and a pile of mail)

7th January 2009 - Letter from Rundle & Co Ltd hand delivered - ATTENDANCE NOTICE THE CLEARANCE OF GOODS - Total now due 838.35 - Removal Bailiff Mr Burrowes

26th January 2009 - Letter from Rundle & Co Ltd - This Important Notice Needs Your Urgent Attention! - Total due 584.35 - We have been issued with a Liability Order obtained at the Magistrates Court - OUR BAILIFF WILL CALL TO SEIZE YOUR GOODS WITHIN THE NEXT 7 DAYS

29th January 2009 - Letter from Rundle & Co Ltd - Take formal notice - As you have failed to deal with the above matter, I will, if I do not hear from you within the course of the next 7 days, have no alternative but to return the liability order to the Council so that they may apply to the Magistrates for your commitment to prison

All correspondance has been sent to my old address and as a result I missed every single date set by them

Current circumstances:

Currently earning 1023 take home per month, rent is 700 and petrol to and from work costs me 50pw. That does not include bills, insurance and food. My house mate is moving out next weekend so I will be liable for everything.

I have 9k (unsecured Loan) in debt from the old house and my share of previous debts from living with ex.
I also have a credit card with 1100 limit, balance is 27 remaining
I am max'd out on my 1450 overdraft and exceed that monthly which in turn incures 35 charges.

I now have the local district council after me for non payment of council tax in this new rented property which I have occupied since Sept.

Time line for this case:

3rd October 2008 - DC sent me a letter telling me that for the next 6 months my rates will be 914.81 and they want payment in 229 instalments

17th November 2009 - DC sent me letter telling me about 1st missed payment

5th January 2009 - DC sent me a letter stating that previous reminder not paid in full. Unless payment of 914 in full is received by 12th january the council will commence legal proceedings

4th February 2009 - DC sent letter - Council Tax Adjustment Notice - Amount Owed 914.81

Now, I know I have been a complete idiot, and I should not of buried my head in the sandicon an hoped everything was going to go away but I would really like to get this ugly mess sorted out. Especially the Council tax case as that is not in the hands of the bailiffs at time of writing.

However, for 1 last twist in the life and times of R46..........I have just had an offer accepted on a property I am hoping to purchase. This property is going to be bought as a 30% share of a new build 2 bed apartment and will be owned by Key Home East housing association and myself.
I need to be out of my current private rented property by 11th March (end of 6 month tenancy and landlord has sold the property) and this shared ownership deal is great as my rent/mortgageicon will be a combined 400 for my own property.

Will this mess effect my chances of getting a mortgageicon and this property?

Not to mention that if this purchase goes through, I need to find approx 1000 for fee's and 300 mortgage application fee

Any help will be so much appreciated on this matter

Sorry for the essay