Hi there all,

If I can get any input it would be appreciated.

Started work on replacing an existing stair and landing to access our garden ground about two years ago...Neighbour complained as soon as work started so LA changed there view and announced we would have to apply for permission.

After around a year of trying to appease the neighbours with something that suits them we have been refused permission and have had to wait 2 months on them even issuing a refusal notice...which would then allow us to appeal to the scottish ministers. The councillors have went against the Proffesionsl planners recommendtaion which was to approve our apllication and we have been waiting since 10/12/2008 to get the apporpriate paperwork to allow us to appeal.

I am now making a complaint first with there Chief Exec office and then to the public services Ombudsmanicon but I dont no what to ask for as a resulution to the probelm.

Does anyone have any idea what I can ask for as I feel a little bit like there is nothing we can do.

I really hate the way the council conduct there business with little though for the public....they are causing us considerable hardship due to there lack of urgency on this issue.

thanks if anyone can help