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    Unhappy Ex employer hasn't given me payslips or P45

    Hi, the tax year is coming to an end, and I am trying to get my P45 from my ex employer. I was never given any payslips, even though I worked them for 6 months and asked every day for them. I am now gone, and I sent them a letter explaining that I was giving them until the 20th of March to send them to me, and they still haven't given me anything!
    None of the other emplyees have had their payslips or P45 even though they have been asking as well.
    What can I do? I am getting really worried that I will not be able to get my tax back
    Thank you for your help

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    Default Re: Ex employer hasn't given me payslips or P45

    Hi there, employers are required by law to provide itemised payslips. If you have written asking them to provide them and they have not you may consider taking the matter further. Did you send your letter recorded delivery and do you have a copy? you will need it if you are to take further action.

    The following information may be helpful:

    Complaints about itemised pay statementsApplications may be made to an employment tribunal by:
    • employees, if their employers fail to provide itemised pay statements, for a decision on what particulars ought to have been included;
    • employers or employees, if a question arises on statements issued, as to what particulars ought to have been included in a pay statement or a standing statement of fixed deductions.
    Note: An employment tribunal cannot deal with a question relating only to the accuracy of an amount stated in any particulars.
    Making an application to an employment tribunal
    An employer seeking a decision, or an employee who considers that an employer has failed to comply with the provisions described in this document, may apply to an employment tribunal within the time limit below.
    Anyone who wishes to complain to a tribunal may obtain an application form ET 1 or ET 1 (Scot) which is included in the explanatory leaflet Making a claim to an employment tribunal available from Jobcentre Plus offices, Citizens Advice Bureaux, from the DTI Publications Orderline on 0845 015 0010, or from the Employment Tribunals Service website.
    Time limit
    If employment has ceased, any application must be made within three months of the date when it ceased.

    You can find more information at Welcome to the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform or ACAS Acas - Home (helpline 08457 47 47 47)

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