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    Default Faulty DFS Sofa


    I have an ongoing dispute with DFS two 'Sparks' 2 seater sofas delivered 3 weeks ago. Creaking like old Galeon ships. Complained immediately Customer Service Manager came out said it was feet on wooden floor, so I bought velvet pads, sofas still creaking and groaning, came out a second time found arms were not fastened/screwed in ,repaired this and went away. Sofas still clanking and groaning, different customer servicesicon man came out today and has admitted one of the sofas is faulty but not the other! although they are making identical noises. In the meantime whilst all this is going on I have written to Finance Company to let them know I am in dispute with DFS and written to DFS head office asking them to remove the sofas as they were delivered faulty as per the 'Sale of Goods Act'. I do not want a replacement as I have lost confidence in any DFS products I want my money back, where do I stand can anyone give me any advice. Thanks

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    Default Re: Faulty DFS Sofa

    I had real problems with DFS. They repaired my sofa's 3 times.
    One day my 8 year old lost something down the back and when he put his hand down a staple stuck into it!!!
    I phoned them immediatley 3 of them came out (including the repair guy who claimed to have never met me!)
    It wasn't until I relayed a story he had told me about his greenhouse blowing down that he admitted he may have been to my house once!
    After threatening legal action (due to the staple!!) they caved and gave me a refund, the couch was only 6 months old.
    I know this does not help much but wanted to prepare you for the shiseters you may have to deal with.
    Good luck with this!

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    Default Re: Faulty DFS Sofa

    Thanks for the message, they are definately very unhelpful and are continually trying to fob me off, I am having a real battle with them, when the sofas are so obviously faulty.

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    Default Re: Faulty DFS Sofa

    Hi everyone

    We too are having problems with dfs, specifically the shrewsbury store. we purchased a sofa in october last year, and have had nothing but problems. The order was wrong (although my wife called within an hour, they claimed we were mistaken and as we did not have the invoice to hand to prove otherwise at the time, they were unwilling to accept any sort of responsibility), corner unit creaking like the mary rose, and now another section of the sofa has collapsed when i sat on it! Unfortunately, how the back collapsed lead me to bang my head quite seriously on the window, and also cause injury to my back. I am very unhappy, as it appears that the back has collapsed due to ill construction, and this sort of thing is known to dfs (the creaks were caused by poor fitting frame components) At the time, I was annoyed that I had to take a day off work to accomodate thier rather poor customer service process, but i now have to have around 3 weeks off (as a freelancer, this means without pay) all because dfs can't manufacture furniture. the way i feel about this company and specifically this store, i can honestly say i would rather recommend people sit stone piles than buy furniture from this sham of an outfit. as a warning and to summarise, this is a list of issues with dfs. think sofas, forget dfs! i am straight to trading standards next week, even if it just draws more attention to the incompetence of these [unjustifiably] arrogant cowboys:

    Problems with the furniture / store
    1. Chair is not what we ordered (wrong pattern), customer service at shrewsbury not really service at all
    2. creaks caused by poor manufacture (loose bolts)
    3. split fabric
    4. low grade collapsed foam cushion on sofa unit, causing seat to slope and dip
    5. back collapsed causing serious injury
    6. fabric obviously low grade, bobbles
    7. 'top of the range' super stain protection as much use as air conditioning in the arctic
    8. fixing brackets (connect the various components of the furniture together) not adequate, and ineffective (not helped by the fact they have all fallen off, even after replacement by the specialist)
    9. Customer service seems to revolve around dfs, not the customer

    Issues with the 'specialist' repairs
    1. repair temporary and not complete (botton of one unit not attached)
    2. Split in fabric looks pulled, not sewed to a standard which 'hides' the defect, in fact it enhances it
    3. fixing brackets did not remain on the furniture, hence furniture no longer remains in one piece...
    4. ignorant, arrogant attitude of the fellow. apparently, i don't know where my own table is placed in the room (yes, the position of the table was given as a reason for one of the defects, not sure is my feng shui is bad here)

    The customer service does not want to know, which is what makes this 100 times worse. I know things go wrong, mistakes happen, but it would be nice to think the matters would be resolved. sadly, once dfs have the money in thier hand, you are no longer of value. so as a warning, don't spend a penny in this store, or even with this firm.

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