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    Default Definition of "Parked" when used on a PCN

    A friend of mine was waiting in her vehicle in High Street, Harrow, while her companion was collecting items from an adjacent shop.

    She was stationary with two wheels on the pavement and where there were double yellows. Not being local to the area (Living in Bedfordshire) thought little of it until a week later when a PCN arrived in the post.

    It was issued via a CCTV operator, with the contravention recorded as "parked with one or more wheels on any part of and urban road other than a carriageway (footway parking)"

    Besides the shock of realising that Big Brother operates in the London area, her contention was that she was not parked, simply waiting.

    Do any members know whether there is a definition of parking, other than in a dictionary (and mine says "leave (temporarily) a vehicle")?

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    Default Re: Definition of "Parked" when used on a PCN

    All she would be allowed to do would be to stop to allow passengers to get in or out of the vehicle. The fact that she was in the car is of no relevance. She was effectively parked. The definition of parked from the dictionary is:-

    "To put or leave (a vehicle) for a time in a certain location."

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    Default Re: Definition of "Parked" when used on a PCN

    You were not waiting in a stationary traffic queue, therefore the vehicle was parked. And as a motorist she ought to have known not to park on the pavement.

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