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A 220 page introduction to all things consumer related by our own BankFodder.

Includes energy companies, mobile phone providers, retailers, banks, insurance companies,debt collection agencies, reclaim companies, secondhand car sellers, cowboy garages, cowboy builders and all the rest who put their own profits before you.


Patricia Pearl - Small Claims Procedure - A Practical Guide

An excellent guide for the layperson in how to use the County Court - a must if you are intending to start a claim.

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The joy of Tax

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by fairfight2011 on 1st April 2012 at 23:05 (15469 Views)
Just for the sake of being complete - I just used the income checker tool on the moneysavingexpert website:

Year Month Week
Gross Wage 20,280 1,690 390
Taxable Wage 11,695 975 225
Tax Paid 2,339 195 45
Tax Free Allowance 8,105 675 156
National Insurance 1,523 127 29
Take-home pay 15,938 1,328 307
Student Loan 0 0 0
Pension 480 40 9
Pension HMRC 120 10 2

So I still work a day a week purely for the taxman/Nino contributions....suckage! !

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  1. BankFodder's Avatar
    Can you give us a link to the money checker tool please?
  2. fairfight2011's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BankFodder
    Can you give us a link to the money checker tool please?
    With pleasure...

  3. 1blonde's Avatar
    Does the tax checker count VAT - Utilities - inheritanceicon tax - car parking - community charges - Car tax - insurance - mortgageicon fees- bank charges -TV - school fees - Petrol and tons of other hidden tax?

    No whats the point?

    Sick of working to pay bills like a hamster on a being a slave really with worthless paper they take back off us one way or another.

    The reason this country has a lot of people on benefits is because there is not actually any value in working really is there?
  4. fairfight2011's Avatar
    1blonde - I tend to agree - having been on both sides of the fence, I found it hard to get off benefits and now being in work, impossible to get out of full time employment - even though I am lambasted for being a single parent with a FT job as it means my daughter has to be left alone for about 2 hours after school...(she's nearly 13) You can be sure if I wasn't working someone would have something to say about that too - damned if you do, damned if you don't

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