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My fitness campaign

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by BankFodder on 12th January 2011 at 11:20 (3861 Views)
Well I've just come out of my second fitness session.

Bloody Hell! (Am I allowed to say that?)

I was the only bloke there. All the rest were women between 40 and 60 yrs but next to them I felt like some broken down wreck. How did I let myself get this way? I'm so ashamed.

The classes are called "stretching" and for an hour I reckon that you test out every joint and every ligament and to begin with it feels like low impact but after 40 minutes, the full impact starts to hit you - and there's still 20 minutes to go!!!!

The classes are in a ballet school - dunno if that makes a difference but the school is lead by a top class pair of dancers who have now retired but who were in the top flighticon at the Opera in Paris - which strangely enough is not opera but ballet. What it does mean is that every movement has a flair to it and there's lots of twirling of hands and keeping the pinkie out and very elegant movement and pointed toes - all very controlled. I used to go out with a ballet dancer once. I din't know that she could do all this stuff!

Anyway, it hurts. Not the first one too much - just a tingling but this one three days later was much more difficult and I suppose that my body is still trying to recover from the first one. I wonder what it will be like next week. I suppose that it will still get a bit worse before it starts to gt better.

At least I don't have to wear tights like the girls do. I just wear a tracksuit bottoms and a T shirt. Don't have to show off my lunch. (Am I allowed to say that?)

I don't know how I'm expect to stretch my legs the way they do - and I can only get my leg up to the bottom bar but even the older ones have their feet up on the top bar. Are females more supple than fellas?

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  1. rebel11's Avatar
    I can see a trend here, Davina McCall, Kerry Katona, Bankfodder
  2. MARTIN3030's Avatar
    Sounds very demanding-but I am guessing its not Lloyds or Fitness First outlet ?
    Should be ok you will miss the lbaicon though.
  3. citizenB's Avatar
    So when will you be releasing the video BF I think the more you exercise the more supple you become.. you may never reach the top bar, but the middle one should be achievable Please keep us updated on your progress.
  4. rebel11's Avatar

    You've nailed it, Davina McCall and Kerry Katona have done just that, although I think you mean DVD.8-)

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