Patricia Pearl - Small Claims Procedure - A Practical Guide

An excellent guide for the layperson in how to use the County Court - a must if you are intending to start a claim.

£19.99 + £1.50 (P&P)

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    Published on 5th July 2014 06:04  Number of Views: 198 

    Most people misunderstand the true purpose of mediation.
    Especially large companies - and especially their lawyers - who are often trained in a very limited way and are used to pushing consumers around without any need to address whether their decisions are based on sound economic or business ...
    by citizenB Published on 25th June 2014 16:44  Number of Views: 204 

    For those of you who do not receive the newsletter via your email service..

    Just a few of the stories in this month's edition..

    * PPIicon reclaims - your bank may have cheated you - again!
    * Joint bailiff/police ANPR operations suspended
    * Airlines should
    Published on 5th June 2014 06:39  Number of Views: 159 
    1. Dealing with money

    The BBC has found that the banks have often been repaying their PPIicon claimants less than they should have done.

    We have always encouraged people not only to look at the PPI premiums they have paid over to their bank - but also any charges which were incurred as a result of an overdrafticon ...
    by citizenB Published on 29th May 2014 11:02  Number of Views: 343 

    For those of you who dont receive the Newsletter via your email

    * Experian "mis-sellingicon" ID theft insurance
    * E.on scraps 25% discount for pensioners
    * Cheque Centre stops selling payday loansicon
    * Barclaysicon give boost to Credit Unions

    Published on 14th May 2014 03:37  Number of Views: 2202 
    1. Dealing with money

    Have you been trapped into -paying for Experian's ID theft insurance? Well you should claim the money back

    We have been trying to get some one to take notice of this story for over a year. Finally BBC Radio 4 MoneyBox ran the story a few weeks ago and today, Ruth Lythe of the Daily Mail ...
    by citizenB Published on 1st May 2014 06:22  Number of Views: 498 

    April 2014 - CAGicon Newsletter for those who dont receive it via their email provider.

    Just a few of the articles included...

    * FCA rules may cull 25% of payday lendersicon
    * 'You've got cancer' hoax NHS email
    * Changing my name was only way to escape debt hell ...
    by citizenB Published on 1st April 2014 15:23  Number of Views: 502 

    For those who dont receive it via their email service. Copy of the March Newsletter

    · Victory after 16 year battle

    · Lloydsicon 'short-change' 1 in 4 PPIicon claimants

    · Credit and loan refund windfall

    · Caller ID shows ...
    by citizenB Published on 28th February 2014 09:10  Number of Views: 675 

    Latest edition of the CAGicon newsletter for those who do not receive it via their email

    · Credit card ruling could trigger “raft of claims”
    · All repeat WCA medicals to be stopped
    · Four million could be compensated for Aviva blunder ...
    by citizenB Published on 30th January 2014 14:59  Number of Views: 1283 

    Newsletter for January 2014, containing...

    Text spam costs payday firm £175k
    Petition: Legislate against banks defaulting disputed accounts
    UKCPS hand out fake POPLAicon codes
    Five ways to help give up smoking
    Merry Christmas, you've won the Premium Bonds – ...

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